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YJ-455Y hydraulic aluminum cutting machine (lengthened)

1. Install hidden alloy saw blade for high safety performance;
2. The coolant is directly sprayed on the tooth surface, the burr is not burr, and the saw blade is more durable;
3. Automatic control of the pressure cylinder, the cutting speed is controlled by the hydraulic pump station, no interval adjustment, the performance of the knife is more stable;

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YJ455Y series high-speed hydraulic cutting machine is a product developed by the company on the basis of drawing on foreign advanced technology. When cutting, in addition to manual feeding according to the required length (limited position), you can design and install the feeding rack according to customer service requirements.

The machine has the advantages of small size, convenient operation, low noise, no dust pollution, good sawing quality, no burr in the cutting, no secondary processing, good production efficiency, etc. It is an excellent equipment for aluminum profile processing.

1. Main specifications and technical parameters of the machine tool

Main specifications: YJ-455Y

Sawing angle: 90 degrees - 45 degrees

Maximum sawing width: 400mm

Maximum sawing height: 145mm

Spindle speed: 2800-3000rpm

Workbench area: 820mmx600xx

Workbench height: 750mm

Motor: 5HP

Required pressure: 5-6kg/cm:

Mechanical size: 1300mmx630mmx1450mm:

Packing lasts: 1400mmx650mmx1500mm

Mechanical weight: 750kg

Performance projectspecificationspecification
Sawing angle90° & 45°90° & 45°
Maximum sawing width320mm430
Cutting height135mm145
Spindle speed2800-3300RON2800-3300RP
Install the largest saw bladeΦ455Φ455
Required pressure6-7KGS8Toms
working desk size365*645530*830
Packing size780*780*1300MM1350*1000*1480MM
Machine weight303KG800KG
Rack sizeFront 1000*390mm, rear 1500*390mmFront 1000*390mm, rear 1500*390mm

2. Installation and commissioning

1. When installing, please place the unit in a bright and dry space and pay attention to maintain a sufficient safety distance from the surrounding obstacles. Place it on a suitable base to stabilize the machine. The horizontal, feeding and discharging frames are adjusted by Screws adjust the appropriate height to match the countertop

2. The gas source is connected to the plug, and the air pump is connected to the effective air pressure.

3. Open the oil injection hole of the hydraulic pump, add the No. 46 hydraulic oil, and add the effective capacity to the half of the mirror.

4. Check that the belt is tight and suitable. Check that the direction of rotation of the spindle matches the direction indicated by the machine. If there is no match, exchange two of the power connectors.

5. Saw blade installation Open the protective cover, install the saw blade in the direction indicated by the machine (the same direction of the vehicle sawtooth) and tighten the gland nut. Close the protective cover and door lock after installation

6. The gas source is adjusted through a three-connected pressure valve to ensure a pressure of 0.5-0.7Mpa.

7. Turn on the power and start the motor for a short time to check for no abnormal vibration and noise.

3. Instructions

1. Wear safety equipment when operating the machine to check if the pressing mechanism is reliable. According to the size of the workpiece, adjust the pressing stroke, whether the air pressure reaches 0.5-0.7Mpa and keep it stable, check whether the saw blade is locked, the rotation direction of the saw blade is correct, and the air is operated several times, after normal, it can be used.

2. The lubrication of each pneumatic component is supplied by the three-piece drip mechanism to adjust the oil adjustment screw (the amount of left-handed oil is large, the amount of right-handed oil is small), and the oil is dripped 50 times in a row. When the oil storage bottle is used up, the oiling screw must be unscrewed to ensure sufficient oil.

3. Start the power supply, put the workpiece according to the required position, press the foot switch, after the workpiece is cut off, release the foot switch, and the saw blade will automatically return to the position. In case of emergency, please press the main power switch on the electric control box.

4. Safety Precautions

★. Non-operators must maintain a certain safety distance from the unit.

★. Wear protective equipment correctly, do not wear loose clothes, no tie, jewelry, no slippers, long hair must wear a work cap, cuffs must be tight, wear a protective cover.

★. Keep the machine and the surrounding environment clean and tidy.

★. Check, debug, repair and clean the aluminum scraps on the bottom of the machine, remember to isolate the power supply.

★. The processed objects must not exceed the design range, and should not be too big or too small. Special workpieces must be equipped with corresponding fixtures.

★. Use the tool correctly to keep the tool sharp and clean and in good balance.

★. Before starting, you must ensure that all parts work normally.

★. Cultivate good habits, and don't mess with tools, fixtures, etc.

★. Saw the blade on the electric control box, and pay attention to the clamping material.

★. Empty car test machine can be tested into the saw blade to see if the machine is working properly.

★. When cutting materials, remember to tighten the cutting direction, otherwise it will cause a safety accident.

★.The water tank keeps enough water level, it has good cooling and cross-section finish on the saw blade.

★. If the pump is blocked, please clean the aluminum in time.

5. Machine repair and maintenance

1. In the winter, you must select full gear when starting the machine, and preheat for 1-3 minutes during no-load operation.

2. Lubricate once every shift of the hinge pin such as compression and feed. The saw blade spindle bearing is checked every three months for refueling.

3. Cylinder lubrication By adjusting the three-piece screw, it is guaranteed to run 1 drop / 20 times.

4. After work, clean the aluminum scrap on the machine and fill the lubricating parts and disconnect the power.

5. Do not use a pure saw blade.

6. Must be used within the scope of this machine design.

7. The material to be processed must be placed horizontally, otherwise the saw blade will be damaged.

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