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FHC-120B2 single head chamfering machine

1. FHC-120B2 belongs to manual feeding, automatic advance and retreat knife, fast speed, can easily repair the pipe surface into an accurate angle, and can complete the chamfering and repair work for the round pipe and the inner and outer corners of the round bar end; Br> 2. In order to ensure that the center line of the processed object and the cutter head is accurate, the clamp and the cutter head are precisely designed to complete the processing at one time;
3, the cutter head has been specially designed, the blade is standardized, and the adjustment blade is simple and fast;

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Main motor200V single phase (specially specified) / 380V standard
Applicable materialSteel pipe, iron pipe, aluminum pipe
Suitable for pipe diameterф35 mm –ф120mm
Standard equipment1. Standard cutter head
2. A set of fixtures
Special accessories1. Different size fixtures

Machine specifications and parameters

Metal material and speed comparison table

Outer diameterSpindle speed R P M

General iron or hard copperAluminum or red copperstainless steel
ф3.2 mm-ф16 mm(1.8-5/8)320040003200
ф19 mm-ф24.5 mm(3/4-1)160032001800
ф35mm-ф120 mm(1-1/4-2-1)9001200900
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