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FHC-50A2/80A2 double head chamfering machine

1. Clamping and cutterhead, after careful design, ensure that the center line of the workpiece and the cutter head is accurate and unchanged, and the outer corner, inner corner and end surface of the pipe end can be processed uniformly at one time to ensure accurate processing size;
2.Using the change of the pulley to convert a variety of speeds, the longest tool life can be achieved according to the metal materials of different materials;
3. Two-stage feed speed saves man-hours, and the speed is easy to adjust, the limit has buffer function, and the processing is perfect;
4. Applicable materials: steel pipe, iron pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel, bar material, PVC pipe;

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projectFHC-50A2FHC-50A2 lengthened 1200MM
Main motor1.5KW2.2KW
Using compressed air6-9KGS/CM2,120ml/min
Using the cutter headStandard cutter head, applicable range: ф14-ф51mmStandard cutter head, applicable range: ф6-ф50mm
Processing capacity O.D.Pipe diameter ф14-ф51mm
Round bar outer angle ф9-ф38mm
Length 50mm-800mm
Pipe diameter ф6-ф50mm
Round bar outer angle ф9-ф38mm
Length 80mm-1200mm
Standard equipment1. Standard cutter head
2. A set of fixtures
Special accessories1. Different size fixtures
Machine weight760kg1060kg
Machine size W × D × H cm2000×1250×11202800×1350×1200
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Address:Dalin Industrial Zone, Shifan Town, Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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