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Chamfering machine

Maintenance and safe operation procedures for chamfering machines

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The chamfering machine is composed of a body, an outer corner chamfering table, a positioning bracket, an inner corner chamfering table, an inner corner turning head, an outer corner turning head, a motor and a transmission mechanism, and is vertically mounted on the horizontal plate of the body. The outer corner rotates the cutter head, and the lower end shaft portion is provided with a transmission mechanism, and the vertical angle of the inner corner chamfering table center inner corner cutter head reveals an inner corner rotation cutter head, which is located at the lower side of the outer corner rotation cutter head directly positioned on the lower side of the pallet The groove is combined with the outer corner cutter head opening hole of the outer corner chamfering workbench, and the outer corner cutter head is formed on the end surface to form an outer corner cutter head exposed hole, and a lifting device is arranged between the outer corner chamfering worktable and the horizontal upper plate of the body to make the outer corner The chamfering table is vertically lifted, so that the outer corner of the outer corner of the outer tip of the cutter head can be adjusted by rotating the cutter head.

Chamfering machine maintenance and maintenance:

1. After the end of each shift, clean up the iron filings left by the machine to keep the machine clean.

2. Observe the tightness of the belt and adjust to the driving if necessary.

3. Always check if the fastening screws of each part are loose.

4. The bearing of the cutter shaft part is filled with lubricating oil No. 46 every 6 months.

5. If the blade is worn or damaged, adjust the blade to rotate at an angle with other cutting edges. If it is sturdy, if the 4 cutting edges of the blade are worn and worn, replace it.

Chamfering machine safety operation procedures:

1. The operator should be familiar with the structure, performance, and operation steps of the unit.

2. Refuel according to the lubrication chart, check whether the oil quality and oil quantity are normal, and whether the oil circuit is smooth.

3. Remove any debris that interferes with the work on the machine, check whether the guards, tools, etc. are normal and firm, and whether the source switch and grounding device are good, and then start after confirming that they are correct.

4, the width of the rack should be adjusted to avoid unsmooth feeding.

5. Keep enough coolant to cool to prevent the blade from burning out.

6. The machine tool guide rail has a certain amount of lubricating oil to prevent rust and lubrication.

7. When the bed is abnormal, stop it immediately, or notify the maintenance personnel to overhaul.

8. When the work is finished or after work, the machine must be cleaned, kept clean and rust-proof on the guide rails and sliding surfaces, and cut off the power supply.

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