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Advantages of YJ-200ZC aluminum cutting machine

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Automatic capillary cutting machine aluminum cutting machine

Advantages of YJ-200ZC aluminum cutting machine

1. The machine is equipped with precision screw, Taiwan servo motor, coupling to connect PLC, display text, and use modern industrial control program to cut and cut.

2. Clamping aspect: use the frame type upper and lower clamping to prevent the surface of the workpiece from being pinched and deformed

3. Feeding: feeding with servo motor, no interval feeding, length tolerance ± 0.02mm (can be fed multiple times or single)

4. The machine head adopts oscillating cutting to accelerate the production efficiency

5. The saw blade is made of integral tungsten steel saw blade. The saw blade can be thin and thick, saving cutting cost, vertical cutting section, no burr, no deformation, no pinch.

6. Machine control: AC thermal overload, proximity switch, power supply, cylinder, solenoid valve are all made in Taiwan, stable operation, low noise

7. The gross weight of the machine is about 350KG

Summary: The device has significant cutting benefits for capillary tubes and thin tubes

Compared with peers

1. This is our servo motor and precision screw feeding, the cutting precision is not up to them,

2. The shape of our machines is thicker than theirs, and the machine panels on the workbench are made with precision.

3. Pneumatic components We are Taiwanese goldsmiths

4. Electric control box My control is PLC text. . There is a function of counting the number of cuts, as well as the length of the cut, just enter the data. . They have to be fixed with screws to set the cutting length for this equipment. .

5. Our tank coolant is recyclable. They are not clear to them.

6. And the market price of their price should also be around 30,000.

7. Needless to say, the shape of the machine. . We are much more beautiful. . Ha ha..

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