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Automatic hydraulic copper and aluminum cutting machine YJ-400ZC aluminum cutting machine

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Automatic hydraulic copper and aluminum cutting machine YJ-400ZC aluminum cutting machine

1. The aluminum cutting machine is made of 6mm thick sheet metal. The castings are all aging treatment, which can effectively prevent vibration and the frame is durable.

2. Hydraulic and cooling system: The hydraulic station is fully utilized in the full cycle, with air cooling to effectively control the oil temperature.

3. Cutting: It adopts vertical slide type, and it is equipped with special alloy saw blades for cutting all kinds of copper and aluminum materials. It can cut the section by 90°, smooth and flat, and eliminate secondary processing.

4. The motor adopts German imported 4-stage motor, and the output power is stabilized by connecting the speed with the synchronous belt and the synchronous wheel.

5. The head bearing adopts two-way parallel imported high-speed bearings.

6. The exclusive design of the feed slip price, using left and right floating, can correct the slightly curved material, and the closed side structure is used for the inner side to protect the bearing and the guide shaft, which increases the service life.

7. The cylinder, solenoid valve and speed control valve are all made in Taiwan, with low noise and stable performance.

8. Industrial control: It is equipped with Taiwan-made PLC and touch screen to make man-machine interface, equipment operation is centralized, program control is humanized, modernized, and maintenance is convenient and clear.

9. Machine gross weight 450KG

Summary: This equipment has high configuration, stable performance and complete and beautiful workpiece processing.

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service hotline:400-0988-567

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