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Pipe cutting machine

YJ610CNC automatic aluminum (cutting aluminum machine, pipe cutting machine) precautions before use

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Precautions before use

1. Before installing the machine and operating the machine, please read the manual once before you can install it.

2. If there is any functional change in the contents of this manual, it will not be notified.

3. The machine must be grounded when the power is connected to prevent leakage.

4. After the machine is installed, do not rush to place the material for sawing. First, let the machine test the action first and then start the sawing process.

5. Before using the machine, please take all the tools and materials on the machine.

6. Please cut off the power switch before replacing and installing the saw blade.

7. When installing the saw blade, please confirm that the saw blade is moving in the same direction as the saw blade and then lock the fixing screw.

8. Do not place your hand under the feeding system of the feeding slide table and the main machine table.

9. When the machine is moving, please do not open the cover on the main machine table.

10. If an unexpected emergency occurs during operation, immediately press the emergency stop switch.

11. If you want to adjust the size, please switch to manual, then switch the feeding seat to the forward direction, so that the feeding seat is turned back and forth, and the air pressure switch is opened to facilitate adjustment and anti-pinch.

12. Always keep the workbench clean.

13. After the machine is used, please turn off the power switch and the air pressure switch.

YJ610CNC-00 Automatic profile aluminum cutting machine (cutting machine) (cutting aluminum machine)

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