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Pipe cutting machine

Automatic pipe cutting machine|Cutting machine application field and characteristics

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Fully automatic semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine and aluminum cutting machine are widely used by aluminum products enterprises. As a major consumer of aluminum products, China has always ranked among the best in the world in terms of aluminum consumption. Good automatic semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine and aluminum cutting machine The quality of the products produced is very different. How to make better aluminum products improve the quality of the products. The use of aluminum cutting machines and technical mastery are very important.

Aluminum cutting machine - for cutting range

Uses: It is used for high-efficiency and precision cutting of aluminum, stainless steel, oil casing, welded pipe, high-pressure boiler pipe, pipeline pipe, light casing, etc. It can meet the occasions of mass production in hardware, petroleum, metallurgy, bearing and other industries. . At the same time, it can reduce power consumption and save steel.

Aluminum cutting machine - working principle

Working principle: Using the gear differential feed principle, the tool can be fed longitudinally on the high-speed rotating cutter head, thus realizing the new concept of the steel pipe clamping and the cutter disk rotary cutting. The utility model effectively solves the problems of high energy consumption, machine tool shaking, low cutting efficiency, short tool life, low production operation rate, poor quality of the end face of the steel pipe, and inability to be fixed in the high-speed rotary machining method of the steel pipe.

Aluminum cutting machine - performance characteristics

1. Energy saving effect is good. Using the tool to rotate, the pipe does not move, saving the power required to rotate the pipe.

2. High efficiency and low operating cost. The cutting method with simultaneous multi-tool machining has high machining efficiency and low tool consumption.

3. High processing precision and low noise.

4. High reliability, good precision maintenance and easy maintenance.

5. The control system adopts the industrial Ethernet motion control platform, which has high automation degree and strong control function, and fully realizes the production automation of steel pipe cutting processing.

Aluminum cutting machine - cutting aluminum work flow

The workflow of cutting pipe in the production process of automatic pipe cutting machine usually includes the process of automatic feeding, clamping (fixing), feeding, cutting and counting.

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