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YJ-510CNC automatic aluminum cutting machine

1. Automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic fuel injection, automatic sawing.
2. The saw blade is horizontally sawed and is suitable for all kinds of special-shaped materials.
3. Driven by advanced spindle motor, low noise and low vibration.
4. The feeding mode is driven by the gas-oil mixing cylinder, and the sawing stability is high.

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Suitable for sawing: heat sink, aluminum, copper, PVC, plastic steel, bakelite, acrylic, Teflon, honeycomb, wood and other non-ferrous metal materials.

Optional accessories

Optional 3m or 6m automatic feeding stroke, optional precision grinding tooth row or ball screw

Optional dust collector and dust collecting tube, auxiliary feeding frame 3.5 meters, saw blade.

Machine front view


1, front protective cover10, screw
2, air reservoir11, waterproof work table lamp
3, the knife position protection cover12, feeding clamp part
4, electric control box13, the main protective cover
5, warning lights14, the coupling
6, saw blade15, reducer
7, the main clamp protective cover16, servo motor
8, the main clamp part17, the drag roller
9, drag chain18, positioning cylinder

Machine rear view


1, the back door6, the discharge port
2, integrated sprayer7, the infeed part
3, the gas head8, saw blade
4, the power cord9, the tool position protection cover opens the positioning lock
5, saw blade cooling sprayer

Sawing feed clamping view


1, slide rail7 screw
2, feeding clamp positioning cylinder8 main clamping cylinder pressure gauge
3, tail material photoelectric detection9, the main clamping cylinder pressure adjustment valve
4, feeding clamping positioning axis10, the main clamping positioning axis
5, feeding clamping cylinder pressure gauge11, the main clamping cylinder
6, feeding clamping cylinder pressure speed control valve12, the main positioning cylinder

ConveyorServo motor with ball screw
Sawing ability160x160, 140x250, 120x290, 40x370 (depending on the size of the saw blade)
Automatic feeding stroke1200mm round-trip feeding
Automatic feeding accuracy±0.1mm
Saw blade spindle speed3000R.P.M
Saw blade spindle horsepower4.0 KW
Servo motor horsepower1.0 KW
Saw blade sizeΦ355~φ510 (aperture φ32)
Feed station maximum load100 kgs
Air pressure4 to 6 kgs/cm2
Mechanical dimensions2755 (long) x 1500 (wide) x 1400 (high)
Mechanical weight2300kgs (about)

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Address:Dalin Industrial Zone, Shifan Town, Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
service hotline:400-0988-567

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